Core-gasms: and how to get one. (yes, we're going there...)

First things first, this is a no pressure write up. I think there is enough “you’re broken if you can’t achieve orgasm” nonsense surrounding Womens' bodies. I’m merely here to tell you that if you haven’t heard of a core-gasm, that you’re in for a fitness treat. I’m also here to tell you how to achieve one, since none of the information I’ve seen gets specific enough. I’m sure that, just like anything, everyone is different. I’ll cover the basics and you can adjust for your body.

Wait, back up, WTF is a coregasm?
A Core-gasm is an exercise-induced orgasm. It is achieved by fatiguing the core muscles. It is internal, more like a g-spot orgasm than a clitoral stimulation orgasm.

I had my first core-gasm in high school. I was strength training and using the leg up machine, doing straight double leg raises. I try to do my exercises in groups of 10, once I hit 10, I started to feel stimulation. I kept going, aiming for 20 leg raises and around 20-25 I could feel an orgasm coming and I just kept going until it happened. I had no idea that was a thing! Later, I read something about that exact exercise, in Seventeen magazine and it all made sense. (and i was much more eager for rock hard abs...)

I want to share this magic with other women (I've read Men can have them too, but I can’t speak to the specifics.) In my research, to try and explain that this is a thing, I’ve found plenty of articles explaining what they are, but not really any clear instructions on how to achieve one. Most articles say that sometimes, working the abdominal muscles to fatigue will cause the pelvis to convulse (yes, your pelvis is orgasming).

I’ve included exercises for you to try at home. I welcome you letting me know how it goes for you!
(pics are from Pinterest, I didn't have time to do a Becca Murray Photo shoot just for this post)

Leg lifts

Leg Lifts

If you have access to a gym you can use one of these leg raise machines.
I suggest starting in groups of 10 and take a break if you need to. The idea is to fatigue your muscles so (especially if you have a strong core) it may take multiple reps of ten before your core is fatigued enough.

From a standing position, hold yourself up by your triceps (try not to slouch your shoulders into your neck) and raise your legs to a 90 degree position. Lower and raise them for 10 reps. (repeat)

Ab Roller

ab roller

This exercise will tone your abs QUICK and is probably one of the quickest ways to achieve a core-gasm. The important thing with this exercise is holding the correct form, so you don’t hurt yourself. DO NOT try to extend yourself all the way like in the picture right away, you should feel your lower abs engage almost immediately, that should be enough to start.

Start in a kneeling position (put a pad under your knees to cushion them), keep your arms straight and strong as you roll out. Your core should be tight like when you do plank, tailbone tucked, don't stick your butt out. This works your back as well as your abs (duh, your core). Once rolled out in a controlled fashion, use your core to pull you back up. Repeat until you can’t maintain your form any longer.

If you take a break, you may be able to get in some more reps. 

Hollow Hold

Lie flat on your back and while keeping your lower back FLAT against the ground, lift your legs and your shoulders off the ground, extending your arms by your ears.

The proper way to do hollow hold would be to hold this position like plank and gradually try to hold the pose longer over time.

hollow hold

An adjustment on this pose to try for a core-gasm would be to lift your legs straight off the ground about 4 inches. While holding them at that height, spread your legs until your glutes engage (You should feel your butt pull your legs all the way apart) and then bring them back together.

Repeat this action until you feel your lower back lifting off the ground, rest and repeat. (you can put your hands behind your head if you feel your neck compensating for core strength.)

Yoga Ball – Plank to Pike

plank to pike yoga ball

Start in a plank position on a large exercise ball. Using your core pull the ball close to you as you draw your hips towards the ceiling. (Your body should move into a handstand position). Keep your weight on your hands and stabilize your feet with the ball so you don’t fall over. Then roll back down in a controlled fashion back to the starting position.

Repeat 10x, rest and repeat.


After achieving a core-gasm, other exercises may cause you to become aroused if done shortly afterwards. Once your lower abdominals are fatigued, any exercises that engages your core will make it more likely for you to orgasm again, right away. (eg. Plank, Pushups, Pull-Ups)


Looking Back at Being Tired

Brahm and I take walks in the morning when I'm home and off a tour schedule. I was remarking a couple days ago at how easy it felt to hike through the Silver Lake hills. Only a year ago, it was still really difficult. I had to time the walks just right after eating, or make sure the walk wasn't too long or hot, or it would shut me down. TO WALK. I don't think that (even) my immediate circle even really understands how taxing daily tasks were that recently.

Brahm asked for an example of when I last remembered not being tired, before now, and I said I could literally not remember a time in my life that I wasn't tired all the time. I know that kids are tired, stay up too late etc. but I really can't remember a time that I wasn't exhausted during first and second period, needed a nap after lunch (especially after lunch! #lunchables), being exhausted at the end of a school day, struggling through practice or rehearsal, sleeping half the day away on the weekends. I'm learning now that is not normal; common, yes, but not a sign of a healthy body, especially a young, strong one. (Side note: food is supposed to energize the body not put us to sleep!)

Exercising a year ago was virtually impossible and it's been three years since I've prioritized fitness. I've only this past year started doing walks more regularly and making it to yoga. Very recently I've started adding in what I like to call "micro workouts" I can't always rally myself mentally to attend a class but I want to get stronger now that I'm feeling up to it. When I'm home (or at sound check, or getting gas for the vans) I'll do body weight exercises like walking lunges or squats or jumping jacks. It may seem like too little to make a difference but you'd be surprised! Two months ago I could do one military push-up (arms beside your body, not out like a "T"), now I can do 10. I've been focusing on core strength. Two months ago I could hold plank for 60 seconds, now I can to ab roll-outs. At home, with access to weights, I'll do walking lunges with a kettle bell or use our pull-up bar while i'm just watching TV or hanging out. Throughout the day, it adds up.

I've followed the advice of other Autoimmune wellness experts and taken things as I can handle them. I'm slowly getting stronger and am able to do more than I was before. I now feel like I'm operating in a 3 steps forward (rather than 2) - one step back, motion. This past month I was home a lot and definitely pushed my abilities to the limits in terms of socializing, alcohol, sleep and food, but I'm OK. I use tour to really cut back (livin' on a budget) and nourish myself, focus on sleep and what my body really needs. At home I try to do that but the temptation of seeing friends and having access to tastier food than what I travel with is challenging to resist.

I'm grateful to have my fatigue level as poignant point of reference. A lot of the other health progress I've had has been slow and almost imperceptible at times in improvement. My fatigue level has been a strong indication of my wellness level. Even though its terrible to be tired, I'm grateful that I'm sensitive enough to have symptoms indicate to me when something is off.


SIDE NOTE: my skin has (finally) improved dramatically. Here are some pics to compare to when I was doing the AIP diet.