Human Garage Updates!

This is part of a series. If you haven't caught up on what I'm doing with Human Garage, see the other posts here!

After 3 months of supplementation following my QurEcology test results, I have some updates.

I'm able to ingest more fibrous vegetables without pain or symptoms! (something I was hoping and banking on the HG treatment protocol to help with). It seems that getting my body in alignment and releasing tension coupled with intuitive eating is allowing me to expand my diet. This is SO exciting for me because I've missed some harder-to-digest vegetables like brussel sprouts, kale and cauliflower for the past 3-4 years.

I do have more energy... but I think I could still have more. Much of the focus of the supplementation from the test results were to address my poor adrenal function. We also added breath work and additional stress management as this goes hand in hand with supplementation for adrenal recovery.
For those who hear about adrenals a lot and are still not sure "what adrenals do" they're glands that pump out hormones to regulate some systems in your body (heart rate, blood pressure, among other things) and are directly connected to your stress response. So, If you're someone like me who has been stressed or anxious (basically forever) then they can need rehabilitation from being so exhausted and overworked. This is one of the reasons in the beginning of this journey I stopped exercising and am just now able to do more without feeling super exhausted afterwards. I'm interested to see what the adrenal re-test results are.

Not shockingly, due to my symptoms connected with starchy foods, one of the results of my test was carbohydrate malabsorption. One of the continued symptoms that has not waned, is bloating. I am still frustrated that when I eat, I get bloated. I am trying many things to sort this out. I'm still on probiotics. I eat some, but not super large amounts, of fermented foods. I am eating a lower carb diet while still trying to maintain a certain amount (30g+) for adrenal health and healthy hormone production. I am squatting more and trying to gain mobility in my squat (it's been suggested that squatting will relieve pressure and gas from digestion that we as modern people trap because we sit all the time when, as humans, our former resting pose was squatting).
I am not seeing much change yet. My follow up at HG with Dr. Luke, the chiropractor, revealed that my right hip is still really tight and that if I can increase mobility there that it may help ease pressure on my ileocecal valve which hopefully would decrease the bloating. I am also still experiencing symptoms when I eat starchy carbs (so carbs from grains/rice/etc rather than carbs from vegetables). I'm hoping I'll eventually be able to tolerate some, but for now, it's indulge and suffer the consequences.

Remain and may forever remain an indulgence with consequences.

Physically, I've been able to work out more normally (up to my old standards).  My knees are crunchy and poppy so I am at least trying to not aggravate that and keep them working so I can continue to be active in old age. This means not squatting as low, doing burpees slower while squatting down, not running, using my biomechanic neurological exercises if they start to feel loose/wonky.
I am still struggling with motivation. So I am doing what I'm inspired to do, some yoga, stretching, some resistance band training, lifting. I want to be strong and healthy but I don't want to feel like going to an "exercise class" is to look good for someone else, and right now it feels like that. So i'm trying some intuitive exercising, if that's a thing, and trying to gain strength and body love. I am definitely more focused on releasing tension that may be affecting my organ function, that is my first fitness priority. 

Mentally I have been avoiding myself at times. Our tour schedule is tough and being away from loved ones is tough. I still feel like I'm meant to be performing and creating with Dustbowl but I also feel like I should be journaling and I'm avoiding what may come up if I open up to myself. Instinctively it seems like what may be holding me back from more progress. (Supplements, food and exercise can't fix everything! We have to be willing to get uncomfortable.) So, as of yesterday, I'm starting that practice (outside of the Artist's Way) as a way to clear my mind and help me continue to open up my heart. #letitgo